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kiwi cares

Kiwi Ad Agency Donates %5 of Annual Profits to Habitat Restoration

Kiwi Cares is a Kiwi Ad Agency program that strives to help keep the endangered Kiwi bird and its habitat safe. We donate 5% of our annual profit to The White Kiwi Foundation, which in turn distributes the funds to other nonprofit organizations that are involved in the preservation of Kiwi habitat and the multitude of species that populate it. If you are interested in the Kiwi Cares program or would like to learn more about Kiwi Cares please feel free to contact us directly or via-email. We strongly urge you to visit The White Kiwi Foundation directly at

About the Kiwi

Kiwi birds are a unique species indigenous to New Zealand—they have elongated bodies and tiny wings, which makes flight nearly impossible. These birds have the ability to live up to 40 years. Recently, however, they have been faced with the possibility of mass extinction due to loss of clean habitat and the introduction of a variety of none indigenous predators to New Zealand. Such animals include foxes dogs and even cats. We support the restoration of Kiwi habitat, and strive to protect these birds so that future generations may enjoy their unique and mysterious beauty. For more information, please visit The White Kiwi Foundation.

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